About Us


The main philosophy at Wig-Wag Dog Grooming is to provide the best possible care for your pet in a professional yet caring way.  Our number one priority is to provide a safe environment in which to give the highest quality groom to your furry family members.  We want all of our clients to have the most positive experience possible.


Since we want all dogs to be relaxed while in our care, please understand dematting will be done as long as it is safe and does not cause pain and undue stress on the pet.  If it is too much for your pet, we will clip to an appropriate length.

If your dog is aggressive during a groom, we may not be able to complete the groom.  We will attempt to work with your pet to create the most stress free environment with tools that will keep your dog and the groomer safe.  Please let us know if you know your dog tends to get nippy when certain procedures are done.